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ZipToGo offers free restaurants websites complete with online takeout ordering. NO CHARGE TO RESTAURANTS. No hosting fees. No setup fees. No service carges. No HTML design required.

Design a FREE Restaurant Webpage with takeout ordering!

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Free Restaurant Websites!

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Our FREE restaurant websites let you start taking orders from the Internet today!

Our Free Restaurant Website and Internet Ordering Service has NO COST to Restaurants! No hosting fees! No setup fees! No service charges! No per order charges!

You don't need a computer, internet connection or special equipment in your restaurant. We host the software for you, so there is nothing to install or setup!Restaurant internet takeout ordering

Donít have a website? Not a problem! ZipToGo will give you a full-featured webpage with your restaurantís address, phone, a map and other information.  All for FREE!    Read more about our service

We invite you to use ZipToGo absolutely free of charge!

It only takes about an hour to set up your simple website and online takeout ordering system, and no technical skills are required.  No software to install!

Create your own basic website and takeout menu , take some real orders, and see if ZipToGo works for you!

There is absolutely no charge to your restaurant. Our service is supported by advertisements that will appear on your online website/menu. 

If, at some point, you decide you prefer not to display ads on your website/menu, you can upgrade to an ad-free system for a small monthly fee. Complete details are here .   

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