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Demo Restaurants

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These three examples show what your takeout webpage might look like. Each of the examples is set up with different options. This will give you a feel for the flexibility of ZipToGo.

When you sign up for an account, you will be able to customize your webpage with your restaurant's name, address, description, payment policy etc. You will also be able to specify the colors and use a graphic logo if you wish. You can also specify many options for the way your takeout ordering works. 

This service is free service and is supported by ads in right margin of your menu. The ads displayed are appropriate for all viewers.

These examples will open in a new browser window:

1. Basic Demo: http://www.ziptogo.com/demo    (FREE)

This example shows a simple setup with a short sample menu. Customers can order only for immediate pickup, and only when the restaurant is open (although for this example, we've set things up so the restaurant is always open). 

Try selecting some menu items. Notice how a long description of the items appears on the right. This description is optional. Notice also how some menu items have different sizes and/or add-on items (pizza toppings, salad dressing, etc.).

Try clicking the "Add Item" button to add one or more menu items to your order. Notice how the total charge and tax is calculated automatically.

Enter a name and phone number and place the order (this demo system won't record any information).

Notice how ZipToGo.com puts everything on one page so it is very fast and easy for the customer to place an order!

2. Jade Garden Chinese Restaurant:  http://www.ziptogo.com/jadegarden    or  http://www.tastytogo.com    (FREE)

Jade Garden has a full Chinese menu. This menu does not have the optional long descriptions, but it does display item numbers on the menu.   Jade Garden has chosen not include a description of the restaurant

Jade Garden has some additional ordering options at the bottom of the page: Customers can specify a specific time and/or date for the order to be picked up, and there is also a space for special instructions.

For Jade Garden, we have set up a top level domain "TastyToGo.com" to point to the webpage. This demonstrates how you can easily get your own domain name (www.your-restaurant.com) if you wish. 

3. Village Pizza: http://www.ziptogo.com/villagepizza (FREE)

Village pizza has a typical pizza, pasta and sandwich menu.  Notice the menu is set up to occupy more space on the page than the other examples and that Village Pizza uses a graphic logo on its page. 

Village Pizza offers delivery and charges a $5.00 fee for this service unless the order total is over $30. Notice how the system handles this automatically if you specify that you want delivery.

Please feel free to try these examples and place some orders (the information is not sent anywhere).

Then sign up for a free account and get you own restaurant online!

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