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Right now, very few restaurants offer internet takeout ordering, and
not many customers have tried it.
  That is sure to change!

Will your restaurant be one of the first in your area to offer
online takeout service? 
  Or will you miss the opportunity?

What is ZipToGo?

ZipToGo is a new FREE service which can give any restaurant, a powerful takeout service webpage which allows customers to order food over the internet. Customers will be able to view your takeout menu at any time and order food with a few clicks of the mouse.

From the point of the view of the restaurant, ZipToGo.com it designed to work just like the phone or fax orders you take now. There is no need for a computer, internet connection or other special equipment in your restaurant.

You can choose to receive orders on a cell phone (text messages), a fax machine or even a regular phone!

What will my Takeout Webpage look like?

ZipToGo will provide your restaurant with a powerful and attractive takeout webpage with your menu, as well as all the information your customers need, including your address, phone number, an optional description of your restaurant and even a map. You can customize the color and appearance your your webpage and include a graphic logo if you wish.

If you don't yet have a website, your free takeout webpage includes all the information necessary to serve as basic website for your restaurant! If you already have a website, you can simply link from your existing site to your takeout page to offer your customers live online ordering.

To get started, you simply sign up for a a free account and then enter the necessary information about your restaurant and your menu. This process is fast and easy and can usually be completed within an hour.

Our online menu is very powerful and flexible. To get an idea of what your menu will look like, please try one of our demonstration systems.

When you sign up for an account with ZipToGo, you'll instantly receive your own webpage address (URL) which you can promote on your takeout menus, business cards and printed advertisements.

Your ZipToGo webpage address will have the format www.ZipToGo.com/yourrestaurant. If you wish, you can also obtain a top-level domain (such as www.your-restuarant.com) at a cost of less than $10 per year. Of course, if you already have a website, then ZipToGo.com can work with your existing site to provide takeout service.

How does the ordering process work?

To place an order, your customer will simply visit your webpage and make his or her selections from your online menu. The system will automatically total the order and apply sales tax.

The customer will then enter his or her name and phone number and will place the order. The system will display a confirmation page so that the customer can check to make sure that everything is correct before submitting the order to you.

Once the order has been placed, it will immediately be delivered to your restaurant in one or more of the ways you have specified:

  • Cell Phone - The order is converted into a concise format and is delivered virtually instantaneously as a text message to your cell phone. While you may not not yet tried the text message feature on your cell phone, virtually all phones now support this feature, and you'll find that it is a very fast and effective way to receive orders.
  • Fax - The order is converted into a fax and delivered to your fax machine.  The fax service has a small additional cost (about 11 cents per fax in the U.S.) and is provided via another company.
  • Regular phone - If you don't have either a cell phone or a fax machine, you can choose to receive orders by regular phone. The computer will actually call your restaurant and read the order. The voice quality is very high and this is a surprisingly effective way to receive orders.  As with the fax service, there is a small additional cost for this service.
  • Email - Of course, if you do have a computer and internet connection, you can receive orders by email. You can also have all orders copied to an email account for your records.

Once your receive the order, the process works exactly the same way as telephone order. All orders from ZipToGo.com include the customer's name and phone number in case you need to confirm the order or have a question for the customer. The customer pays for the order when it is picked up, just as with a phone order.

How much does it Cost? Is it Really Free?

ZipToGo is FREE for restaurants.   There are no setup fees, no hosting fees and no per-order/transaction fees.

The only additional costs are if you choose to use the fax or voice mail services to receive orders in your restaurant. These services (which are provided by a 3rd party) have a cost of about 10 or 11 cents per order. 

If, at some point, you decide you prefer not to display ads on your menu, you can upgrade to an ad-free system for just $19.95 per month.

The ads shown on your menu will be tasteful and appropriate to all ages and will NOT include ads from competing restaurants. For examples that show how your menu/webpage will appear with and without ads, please see our demos.

How Flexible is the System?

ZipToGo is designed to handle almost any menu. We can handle an unlimited number of sizes for each menu item. We also support features like add-on items included in the base price of a menu selection and/or at additional cost.

In addition to the menu itself, the system offers many other options and advanced features:

  • You can choose to accept only orders for immediate preparation, or you can allow customers to order hours, days or months in advance.

  • You can allow customers to order only when your restaurant is open, you you can provide around-the-clock ordering.

  • You can temporarily disable online ordering at any time--and your takeout menu will still be available as a reference for placing phone orders.

  • If your restaurant offers a delivery service, the system can gather the necessary information and apply additional charges as required.

  • And much more!

What are the advantages of internet takeout ordering?

  • Surveys have shown that customers find online ordering easy and convenient. It is especially popular for busy professionals who can place an order at work and then pick it up on the way home. Once customers try your service, they can 'bookmark' your takeout webpage in their browsers and use it to order again and again. Internet takeout ordering is a great way to increase the business you get from your existing customers.

  • Internet takeout ordering is a great way to stand out from the competition! You can promote your webpage on your printed takeout menus, business cards or on flyers. Be sure to mention it prominently in printed advertisements--this is very likely to attract new customers who are curious about the service. Make sure that customers who try online ordering for the first time do it with you--not with a competitor!

Internet ordering works just like regular telephone ordering, but it has some important advantages:

  • Unlike phone orders, internet orders through ZipToGo are always checked for completeness and accuracy. While a person might forget to ask the customer for his or her phone number, our system will not.

  • If you take orders via cell phone or fax, your customers will not experience busy signals during peak times.

  • Cell phone or fax orders can improve the work flow in your restaurant. A ringing phone demands immediate attention and someone must stop what they are doing to answer it. A text message or fax can be handled in a more managed way.

  • When a customer places a phone order, he or she often just orders favorite items from memory. With internet ordering, the customer has your entire menu at his or her fingertips. This can result in  larger orders as the customer is more likely to try new things.

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A recent survey showed that 51% of restaurant meals served in the U.S.  were for takeout or delivery, and that takeout food is the fastest growing segment of the restaurant business.

Are you doing everything you can to build your takeout business?


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